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I remember when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease. I had spent months and months of pain, aggravation and confusion, not knowing what was wrong with my body. After a dozen tests, endoscope, and bloodwork, it was determined that I have celiac disease. My first reaction was a sigh of relief. I remember driving home in the car thinking ‘Finally we have figured out what’s wrong and now we can move forward!” The problem was it took me a long time to realize what celiac disease was and what a gluten allergy was. Simple foods, like pasta and breads, were no longer easily acceptable. It wasn’t until after I met with a dietitian that I began to understand the limitations of my disease. And to further boost my overall wellness I take vitamins from

Once I began eating gluten free, it became a habit. Before I put anything in my mouth, I read the label on the package and if it said contains wheat (avoid) or said certified gluten-free (eat!).  After being gluten-free for four years, I began to notice an increase in my overall weight. I was working out, eating properly and the only thing I changed was my diet (gluten free products). When I began thoroughly reading the labels of my favourite gluten-free products, I learned that the way companies made them gluten-free was to add extra ingredients. Many of the products replaced wheat and flour with white rice. It was then I  realized that eating gluten free is important for my colon, but it wasn’t necessarily a healthy choice.

If you’ve ever shopped for gluten-free products, you know how difficult it can be to find them. Trying to find products that don’t contain white rice, that is even more difficult. One of my favourite meals is pasta and it kills me not to be able to eat regular pasta or to substitute it with right white rice pasta. I began to write off eating pasta until I came across Chickapea Pasta.

Chickapea Pasta

Chickapea Pasta takes your love for pasta and provides you with a quick and healthier way to eat it. It was originally created by a mom who looking for a healthy meal choice for her one year old son that was both quick and easy.  She wanted something that her child would be familiar with, but was actually good for him! When she couldn’t find something that was quick, easy and nutritious, she took to her own kitchen and Chickapea Pasta was born! Made form chickpeas and lentils, both which are chocked full of fiber, protein, iron and vitamins. They chose these ingredients because they are both incredibly healthy. They cook up like regular pasta. Add to boiling water, stir and cook for 7-10 minutes. It’s that easy!

My kids are huge fans of pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese. I cringe at the lack of nutrients they are consuming. With no spaghetti sauce to hide Chickapea Pasta in, I thought it would obvious that I had switched up their pasta.  Thankfully, my family has been consuming gluten free noodles with me, so they were use to a slightly different texture and flavour. Cooking the pasta was exactly like cooking other noodles. I did find that had to watch them as they turned from al dente to mushy in 30 seconds. When I served them up to my kids, I told them it was gluten free pasta (not a lie!) and they devoured them! I felt better that I was giving my kids a healthy meal, while still letting them have pasta they way they wanted!

If you are looking for a delicious tasting pasta that boosts the nutritional content of your meal, or looking for a healthier substitute for gluten free noodles, I recommend you give Chickapea Pasta a try!

Chickapea Pasta

Simple, wholesome, 100% real.

 Nothing artificial! No added sugars! Just chickpeas and lentils!

Chickapea promises to always have yours and your family’s best interests at heart. We will only create products that we’re proud of. We believe in simple, wholesome foods that are 100% real – sourced from this beautiful planet of ours!

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