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Growing up, I didn’t know a lot about superheroes. Sure I had heard of the Iron man and Spider-man, but the Hulk, Black Panther and Star Lord were a mystery to me. When I had my two sons, I was catapulted into a world of superheroes, superpowers and everything boy. I remember taking my oldest to a Marvel Live Show and was shocked that he knew every character by name, how they got their super power and where they came from.  After a decade of being immersed in this world, I am starting to realize why Marvel Avengers (especially the Infinity War series) is so popular!

When I was asked if my boys were interested in testing out the Avengers Infinity Wars Hero Vision AR Mask, I jumped at the opportunity. The Avengers Infinity Wars Hero Vision AR Mask is Hasbro‘s first augmented reality (AR) toy. It takes role playing to a whole new level! Instead of donning a mask and pretending you are being attack by the bad guys, with this mask and the addition of your phone (IPhone or Android), you are placed in an interactive experience of a real-world environment with elements that are computer-generated.  You will see the room you are standing in,  your own ‘Iron Man’ arms  with additions that aren’t actually there like the villainous Thanos.  Each set comes with an Iron Man mask and gauntlet, 1 Infinity Stone, 3 AR markers and free App download. Each time you put on the mask, you become Iron Man and are tasked with the challenge to complete amazing Avengers missions!

Here’s a demonstration to how you set it up and play:

My boys fell in love with this mask the moment they set it up! It was easy to use and provided a more physical aspect to the common video game. They are super excited about ability to collect Infinity Stone tokens and take on more challenging levels. What I loved about it that the AR nature provides a social nature to the game. The digital narrative and exchange of physical tokens allow the kids to interact and play together.

Stay tuned as Hasbro continues to light the way in Marvel Avengers: Infinity War AR play!

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