Shimmer and Shine in the Palm of Your Hand! #TeenieGenies #ad


I thought the saying goes “The Bigger, the better!”, well when you are a 5 year old that is not always true! My DD5 is obsessed with teeny, tiny things! From food with faces on it to miniature princess, I find these teeny, tiny things all over my house! In the couch, on the kitchen table, in her bed and even in her pocket (which really sucks when I forget to check them before I do laundry!).  This weekend, we have discovered a new teeny figurine that has become a new obsession!

Teenie Genies

Teenie Genies are a new product released by Fisher Price that takes your favourite Genie characters, Shimmer and Shine, and places them in the palm of your hand. Based on the hit TV show on Treehouse, Shimmer and Shine are now soon to be invading homes everywhere with teenie version of themselves and all of their friends. There are over 130 genies to collect in fun themes like Dance Party™, Music Divine, Dreamy Genies, Genie Splash, Magical Market and more!

Take a look at the new collection here:

My daughter loves Teenie Genies because they bring the magic of Zahramay Falls in to our home.  Collecting, sharing and displaying her teenie friends brings hours and hours of excitement. With cute key chain genie bottles, she can take her friends with her on the go. She loves reenacting the shows she watches on Treehouse and making up some of her own new adventures as well. Each Teenie Genie comes with their own colourful style, personality and magical power. Why only have 3 wishes when you can have bunch more!


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