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Pregnancy was one of my favourite, but most scary part of life. From the moment Dh and I decided to have a family until present day (my oldest is 11 years old), I question everything! Is it the right time? Am I being a good mom? Did I teach my kids what they need to succeed? As my kids get older, the answers become more apparent in their actions and the way they react to society.  Back at the beginning of the parenting process it wasn’t so clear cut.

Whether you are trying to decide when to start pregnancy process (i.e. How long will it take? Should I track my cycle?),  how you are going to deliver the baby or how to care for a new born finding the answers to these questions are important for your piece of mind.  Asking your mom, researching them on the internet, and reaching out to a friend are just a few ways to find the answers.

1. How can I keep track of my cycle?

Simple! Pick up a First Response® Digital Ovulation Test, which predicts your most fertile days based on your personal LH surge. Remember that the best time to start tracking your cycle is before you start trying to conceive. Your two most fertile days begin with the LH surge and you are most likely to get pregnant if you have intercourse within 24-36 hours after you detect your personal LH surge. Need more info? Visit

When I began to start a family, I grabbed a personal desk calendar and coloured markers. I marked down the days I menstruated and when I noticed changes in my discharge. I was lucky that my schedule was consistent and I was able to chart it out.

2. Anxious to know if you are pregnant?

The First Response™ Early Result Pregnancy Test can tell you if you’re pregnant up to six days before your missed period. Most people wait to tell their extended family until they have confirmation from a blood test or ultrasound (around end of first trimester!). I was very superstitious! The only person whining to know for sure that I was pregnant was my significant other.  Although, looking back, I’m sure the perma-grin on my face was a dead giveaway.

3. Who will take care of me during my pregnancy?

There are two main professions that take care of pregnancies, a doctor and midwife. It wasn’t until I took a women’s social study in university that I learned about the midwifery profession and how it too is accessible with our government health care. Regardless of which route you take,  you need to be comfortable with you decision.  you need to pick the person who you feel most comfortable with, someone that will respect your birth plan wishes and provide you with the care you need.  Don’t let family or friends persuade you differently.

4. What should I pack in my hospital bag?

Everywhere you look, someone will have advice on the must have items for your hospital bag. Search through Pinterest, ask your doctor/midwife and consult other new moms that you aren’t in contact with. A few of musts include diapers, wipes, baby outfit, nursing bra, pads, pjs for mom, headband, toiletries, snacks and a change of clothes for dad. I know delivery is more work for Mom, but dad usually puts in long Hours too. With our third pregnancy, a last minute ultrasound turned into delivery day. Dh had come straight from work and ended up 8 hours later in the delivery room wearing a suit under his scrubs!

5. How else can I prepare?

The most important tip is to enjoy the experience and make sure to take time for yourself!  Before you know it the sleepless nights, uncomfortable feelings and body changes will be gone and you will be holding your newborn armed with a whole new set of questions and worries.

I suggest stocking up on the essentials – diapers, baby clothes, blankets and bottles are a must. Don’t forget to also stock the medicine cabinet with diaper cream and something to help with colic, such as OVOL™ Drops, which is a simple, alcohol-free solution that can be added to a bottle or used on its own. It helps relieve discomfort caused by trapped gas, making it easier for babies to pass gas and burp at feeding time. Don’t forget to ask your doctor first to find out if this product is right for your new baby!

Do you have a story about trying to conceive? I’d love to hear it.


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