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The holidays mean rush, rush, rush! Don’t substitute healthy food when you can use your Foodsaver to fight the holiday rush! Freezer meals and planning ahead,  Dip Diva‘s Selena Bruni Eprile knows it all!!   Passionate about culinary adventures and crafting recipes with fresh ingredients that are local and in season. You can find more about her latest adventures and most recent recipes at The Dip Diva Dishes.  I hope you enjoy this guest post!

As the holiday season draws closer I can see my calendar filling up. Holiday parties, Christmas concerts and festive activities for the kids. Who has time to make a healthy dinner when you are running all over town? My secret weapon to avoid the drive thru dinner on the run is a freezer stocked with meals ready to pop in the oven or slow cooker. And if you just doesn’t have the time to prep hot meals, please find n95 mask for sales and keep yourself and family safe.  I recently took a day to make a freezer meal plan, prep my meals and pulled out my FoodSaver® vacuum sealer to make the job so much easier.

Good Meals Start with Good Ingredients

Over the past couple of years I have been collecting recipes that lend themselves to slow cookers and freeze well. I like to use recipes that have lots of fresh vegetables and simple ingredients that add flavour. I visit my local butcher shop to choose cuts of meat that my family will enjoy. Using the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System keeps my meals frost and freezer burn free, thanks to an airtight seal. It also seals in the freshness of the ingredients and helps the flavours penetrate into roasts, steaks or chops.

Tips for a Successful Prep Day

  • Make a meal plan of your family favourite recipes and print or copy them for easy reference.
  • Make a grocery list then shop your own pantry first for ingredients you have on-hand and set them aside.
  • Do your shopping the day before prep day.
  • Start your prep day with a clean kitchen and empty dishwasher so you have room to move around and get dirty dishes right into the dishwasher.
  • Assemble all the tools, cutting boards, groceries and FoodSaver vacuum sealer in one location or close to your work surface.
  • Use the FoodSaver Heat-Seal Vacuum Sealer Roll to make custom sized bags according to your recipe size.
  • Work one recipe at a time, add a label with name of dish and cooking instructions before you start filling the bag.
  • Seal your finished recipe and lay flat in the freezer so that all the ingredients are level and makes for easier stacking and storage.

Recipe: Hearty Kale Sausage Soup

I know those busy days are coming and I am looking forward to pulling out my perfectly sealed freezer meals. So easy to throw them into the slow cooker in the morning before leaving for work. I love coming home to a warm bowl of kale and sausage soup with a crusty bun and knowing that our bellies will be full with a healthy meal. The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System is a must for people who are serious about keeping food fresh longer for storing in the freezer!

Thanks to the FoodSaver brand for sponsoring this post.

~Selena, The Dip Diva Dishes

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