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I am not a chef by any means. Most of the time, my meals turn out plain and boring or flop all together. Occasionally, I will surprise myself and create a meal that is out of this world. I get so excited and can’t wait to see my husband’s (the real chef in the house) reaction. It never fails. He will look at my perfect meal, say it looks good then smoother it in hot sauce before trying a bite. This Father’s day, I thought if its HOT SAUCE you want, then its HOT SAUCE he’s gonna get!


The Fuego box is a hot sauce of the month subscription box. Each month a team of hot sauce “experts” scour the globe to find the best hot sauce or hot product available. They test hundreds of different products and rate them on taste, spice and heat, then narrow it down to the top products. The products are secured in bubble wrap and shipped to your door, providing you with best chosen hot sauces discovered that month!

There are four different Fuego subscription options:

1.. DIP YOUR TOE IN (ARV $12.95usd/ box + $5 Shipping) – For those who like to add a little bit of heat to their food, this subscription box is perfect for them. Every 30 days, you are shipped a box of one hot sauce that ranges from mild to hot in spice level. It is a great introduction in the wonderful world of hot sauce!

2..  SAUCE LOVER (ARV $29.95 usd/ box + Free shipping in US) –  This box set is for the more adventurous type! Every 30-90 days, 3 amazing hot sauce products will be shipped to your door. The spice level is mild to hot.

3.. PAIN SEEKER (ARV$24.95 usd / box + Free shipping in US) – This box set is for those who can’t live without the heat! If its fire in your belly you want, this box is for you. Every 30-90 days,  2 amazing hot sauce products will be shipped to your door. The spice level is extra hot and beyond.

4.. GIFT BOX (ARV $49.95)My favourite Fuego Gift Box is the OUR CHILE CAUSE CRATE SPICY GIFT SETIt includes:

– Zana Organic Hot Sauce (medium heat)

– Fat Cat Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Hot Sauce (mild heat)

– Yellowbird Serrano (medium heat)
– Hot Hive Spicy Honey (medium heat)

– Bravado Jalapeño and Garlic Spicy Seasoning (spicy seasoning)

– Custom Hand-Branded Fuego Box Wooden Crate

Not only does this crate feature award winning hot sauces an spicy honey featuring the world’s hottest pepper, but it serves a higher purpose.  For every crate sold, Fuego Box donates $5 directly to prostate cancer research. It is the perfect gift for the hot man in your life who is looking for a bit a spice and something more!

For Father’s Day, I gifted this Fuego gift set to my spice loving husband. He loved the variety that the crate offered and enjoyed trying new products out. He loved that there was a different product for almost every type of meal he could think of and love pairing the different heat levels depending on the meal and how he was feeling. He found the heat levels to be intense and the flavour to be bold. It was a unique gift idea that inspired him to spend more time in the kitchen!

To learn more about these saucy products, visit their website  or follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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