The 12 germs of Christmas #KandooKids


During the season of giving, the one thing you don’t want to give to your friends and family is a cold or flu. Germs are EVERYWHERE! From cutting boards in the kitchen to the constant cough of cousin Ed, if you spend the holidays in the presences of others, you are sure to come in contact with germs hence it I advise every one to keep a mask on which you can get from

Did you know one bacteria cell can become more than eight million cells in less than 24 hours? And you can get food poisoning from as few as 15 cells of some germs, such as salmonella, according to

Here are 12 spots, germs can hid this holidays season!

Twelve holiday parties – Stress is one of the biggest contributors to illness.  When you are stressed the stress hormone, cortisol, raises and reduces the activity of immune defense fighting cells, making us more likely that we fall ill and take longer to recover.

Eleven skipped workouts – Did you know that regular exercise can help improve the chance of avoiding a cold? Studies show that regular, moderate exercise boosts your immune system, providing a strong defense against common germs and bacteria.

Ten text messages to friends – Smartphones are every where! I know I don’t travel far without mine! Sadly, they contain 400 times more germs then the average toilet seat. Why? Because we disinfect our toilet seats, but when was the last time you cleaned your phone?

Nine Sneezing coworkers – Around this time of year, it isn’t surprising to hear a course of sneeze or coughs in the office. When you cough you release infected droplets of the illness into air. Nearby people breath in that air and they become infected by your illness.

Eight Dirty children – Children love to share and unfortunately, they don’t discriminate between the good and the bad. After rubbing their eyes, nose or mouth, they may touch a food, door handles or other person. If they are carrying any virus, they are sure to share it with other people.

Seven mistaken drinks – This happens to everyone! You go to party, accept a drink from the host, put it down and forget where you put it! To help guest identify their drinks, provide them with gift tag stickers to label them.

Six bowls of snacks for sharing – Things like nuts, candy and dips are staples at holiday parties this time of year. To prevent the contamination of germs, provide your guest with individual bowls and spoons to serve themselves these delicious treats.

Five Alcoholic Drinks! – Drinking alcohol, even in the span of just one night, can weaken your body’s ability to fight off infections for up to 24 hours. This lowers your white blood cell count, makes you dehydrated, and prevents you from absorbing the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

Four trips to the supermarket – Did you know that the shopping cart is one of the germiest things you can touch in public? Whether someone sneezes, wipes their nose, or package meat leaks on it, shopping cart handles are a breeding ground for infectious viruses!

Three potential under-cooked turkey dinners – In order to destroy bacteria (like salmonella) and other food born disease, the internal temperature of the turkey thigh must register a steady 185°F in order to ensure that your turkey is fully cooked!

two people kissing under the mistletoe – Avoiding the mistletoe is more harmful then actually participating in the events under the mistletoe. Studies have shown that the amount of saliva transferred during kissing isn’t enough to share the virus. Kissing actually exchanges good bacteria and enhances your body’s natural defenses, thus boosting your immune system.

and one person who has the FLU!

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