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How many times a day does your toddler ask why? Sometime I find my DD2’s inquisitive nature to fun and intriguing and other days it can drive me batty. Your toddler asking why is a sign of your child’s inquisitive nature. It shows that their mind is growing and trying to understand the world around them.By asking why, your child learns cause and effect, the way to reason through a problem and to learn about subjects they are unsure of. It is a natural part of growing and maturing and without asking questions, life would remain a mystery.

This month, we were presented with the opportunity to review some more beautiful boks from Raincoast Books. Raincoast books is a Canadian book distribution company that was established in 1979 with the goal to inspire and expand young minds. Today, they offer over 20,000 new titles to over 2500 bookstores and other specialty retailers across Canada. These and many other amazing books can be purchased through retailers such as, and

Presto Change-o!

Edouard Mancea

See the raccoon hiding in a magic cauldron? The owl pretending to be a clock? The lion masquerading as a flower? A rabbit hiding in a hot-air balloon? Kids will love working magic with just a few simple turns—and a few rhyming verses—that transform everyday objects into familiar creatures. Simple manipulations for little hands make this a literal page turner.

We loved the premise behind this book; everything is not always as it is seen. Each page provide a picture with movable parts. When you rearranged the parts it transformed the entire picture into a new one. DD2 love the tactile experience of manipulating to create something new. I would recommend this book for children ages 4+ because although the pages are made of a sturdy cardboard, eager little hands can easily tear the movable parts if they are too anxious to see the new picture.

The Ultimate Book of Vehicles: From Around the World

Anne-Sophie Baumann 

Vehicles, vehicles, vehicles-nearly 100 of them-in all shapes and sizes! A giant crane hovers over a construction site, a space ship roars into space. . . . Supersized spreads feature marvelously detailed illustrations that just beg to be pored over again and again. Best of all, lots of flaps, popups, pull-tabs, and rotating wheels bring the various vehicles to life. Readers will poke into a ship’s hold, explore the innards of a garbage truck, and help demolish a house. Any child who’s ever been intrigued by the roar of an engine will adore this extraordinary collection of things on the go, from the everyday to the nearly outrageous-yes, there’s even a pooper-scooper scooter! On a side note, are you with or against the idea of installing a GPS tracker on your child to ensure their safety?

This hardcover book is a book is the perfect encyclopedia of moving vehicles for every curious child. With the brightly coloured illustrations, sturdy flaps, popups and pull-tabs, your child will spend hours and hours exploring this book. My older boys loved searching through book and discovering tabs and hidden flaps that they missed the first time around. My DD2 loves pretending she is driving the garbage trucks and loves to show me how they work. I love the detail and information that is captured on every page. Do you know what is stored in the hull of a fish factory ship? or how a rocket blasts off to space? My family does!

A Tree for all Seasons

Maryse Guittet

“The youngest of readers will appreciate this gorgeous tree-shaped board book that explains the yearly cycle of seasons in simple terms with a tree that goes from blossoming in the springtime to shedding its leaves in the fall”

This uniquely shaped book made moving through the seasons a breeze! Each page depicted specific characteristics to the season it represented. Each page provide a fun lift-the-flip surprise of a creature hiding in the treat. DD2 loved finding the hidden creatures and Mommy liked how we could use this book to discuss the weather and what we hope to see soon!

My First Colour Dominoes: The Game of Colour Discovery

Edouard Manceau

This book and accompanying domino game offer an intriguing way to learn and explore the world of color. The game-28 sturdy pieces securely stowed-features colorful familiar objects to match end to end. And the robust board book stashed in a pocket on the other side reinforces color combinations learned in the game. Just what colors combine to make gray? Pink and green! This new twist on an old classic is guaranteed to provide fun for years.

This was by far my family’s favourite book. We loved that the book came with domino pieces that were suitable for everyone from my DD2 to my DS8 to enjoy together! The hardcover book was a useful tool to help DD2 learn her colours and the same patterns and colours were repeated in the Domino game. It was a game we enjoyed playing over and over again!

Jojo’s First Word Book

Xavier Deneux

Meet Jojo, the irresistible young bunny who’s every toddler’s best friend and the star of this friendly and reassuring first word book! Together with his sister Lulu, Jojo explores scenes of daily life familiar to every child, from mealtime to playtime to bedtime. Cheerful tabs help guide little hands and minds as Jojo shares such first experiences as crossing the street with a parent, learning to ride a bike, and visiting a beach. With almost 200 objects to spot and name and a unique, extra-sturdy format with a carrying handle, Jojo’s First Word Book is just right for little ones acquiring early language skills.

DD2 loved the handle on this books. She often called it her purse book and loved carrying it around. The book was a great tool to improve her vocab as well. She loved playing look and find and name the object games while reading through the book.

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