Have you made a Summer Wish List Diorama yet? #DIY @Hot_Wheels


Summer vacation is officially here!! Although the weather might not have caught up with the calendar, the kids are officially off school and driving mom crazy!  Keeping the kids busy and active the entire summer can be a full time job. Although fun and excitement are key factors in my summer holiday planning, I don’t want them to loose all that valuable information they learned while at school. To keep those math and language skills sharp, I always try to incorporate a little bit of learning into every activity we do. Whether its a biology lesson when we go to the creek, a history lesson as we walk down Main St. or a language lesson while searching for letters on licence plates on the 401, I am constantly encouraging  my kids to learn. One of my favourite ways of of doing this is through play based learning and Hot Wheel’s FUNdamentals Learning Program.

Hot Wheel’s FUNdamentals Learning Program

FUNdamentals Learning Program is a educational learning program created by Hot Wheels to help educate your child through play-based learning that is relevant to the content taught at school. The activities are fun, interactive and incorporate basic skills such as counting, colouring, language, patterns, and more!

Summer Wishlist Diorama

I was exploring the Hot Wheel FUNdamental learning program when I came across the download for the Summer Acitivity Cityscape. It was the perfect activity for DD3 and it inspired a bigger activity for my two boys; the Summer Wishlist Diorama. Just like a bucket list, my kids love dreaming up a list of exciting things they wanted to do this summer. We incorporated those ideas into a Summer Wishlist Diorama

How to make a Diorama

Step 1: Make a summer wish list of all of the things you would like to accomplish this summer.

Step 2: Choice your favourite idea!

Step 3: Plan out your idea on a piece of paper.

Step 4: Collect supplies that will help create your masterpiece.

Step 5: Using an old shoe box as a display, set up your Summer Wishlist. Start with the background then add 3D pieces to make it realistic.

Step 6: Enjoy your masterpiece until you make it happen!



If your kids are complaining they are bored, check out the amazing activities at to find fun ways to keep them educated this summer.

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