Wordless Wednesday ~ Red Tail Hawk inspiraition #BConnectedConf


I believe that animal behavior can teach us important life lessons. This weekend at the #BconnectedConf, We were entertained by some friends from Parc Omega. While everyone, oh-ed and ah-ed over the 5 week old red fox and very tamed skunk, I was intrigued by the shy Red Tail Hawk in the corned. He was beautiful! This 1 and half year old Red Tail Hawk learned about life the hard way. Baby Red Tail Hawks are left early on by their parents. Although, they return to feed them occasionally, they are taught to fend for themselves and hunt from birth. The staff figures this little guy tried to take the easy way out. He spotted a bunch of meat and thought he had found a gold mine, unfortunately, the easy to find meat was a trap that resulted in the loss of his leg.

Moral of this story: Hard work and effort pays off. Taking the easiest route is not always the best.

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