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Sadly, my grandfather passed away last June. He was in his 80’s, lost his wife 6 years earlier and lived a good long life.  Since his passing, my parents have been working through the legalities of his Will. His Will was up to date and well laid out, so there was no confusion as to his wishes and expectations about the division of his property and valuables. Going through this process, makes me realize the importance of Wills. I do not have valuable jewels to pass down onto loved ones, I don’t have properties all over the world that need to be divided up, but I DO have three precious children who’s lives need to be cared for, loved and protected, if heaven forbid, anything happened to me and/or my husband.

To be honest, making a Will scares me. The thought of being called home to GOD and leaving my loved ones (spouse, friends, family and more importantly my children behind) is unthinkable. I don’t want to miss those important milestones, like walking my DD3 down the aisle, holding my grand baby for the first time or seeing my boys graduate from college. When I really sit down and think about it, leaving my kids behind, WITHOUT a Will is much scarier. Instead of choosing who I want to love and support my kids, they become a ward of the state. If losing your mom isn’t enough, imagine losing everything that you ever knew. It is for that reason, I MADE A WILL.

One the things that stopped me from making a Will the moment my kids were born was cost, difficulty and finding a lawyer. With dirty diapers, fighting to breast feed and sleep schedules, who has time to do that! saw this problem and came up with an affordable, easy and legal way to create a Will in the security of your own home! is Canada’s leader in online Legal Wills. It was founded by a Canadian lawyer as a create-your-own Legal Will site to ensure everyone has access to a legally-binding Canadian Will. Each standard Will costs $69 and is custom tailored to the individual laws of every province and territory in Canada. There are options for additional wills such as Power of Attorney, or Living Will  for an additional, yet reasonable cost. The website walks you through the completion of your Will with easy to answer questions and simple to follow instructions. When you are finished, click submit and you will be automatically sent a copy of your Will. At this point, your will is not legal. In order for your Will to become legal, you need to print it out and signed in front of two, non gift receiving, witnesses.

Creating a Will with is as simple as:

1. Sign up for an account and enter your personal information

2.  Decide who is in charge

3.  Decide who gets what (valuables, custody, etc) 

4. Submit, pay and receive your immediate copy of your Will in an email.

5. Print and have it signed by two witness.

Now you have a LEGAL WILL.

Creating a Legal Will is an Absolute necessity if you:

  • are married
  • have minor children
  • are elderly
  • would like to ensure that your assets are left to the right beneficiaries (heirs)

Dying without a formal Will can place an unnecessary burden on your loved ones. Your children and loved ones will have to deal with a complicated and expensive situation, and potentially spend years fighting over your estate. For peace of mind, take the five minutes, in the comfort of your own home, to create this very important document!

Have you created a Will?? Why not?

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