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Travelling is a passion of mine! I got the bug when I was teenager and the opportunity to explore Europe with the Girl Guides. It was my first airplane ride and my first trip outside of North America. We visited England, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark. I was immersed in new cultures, new sights, new sounds, new people and MY FAVOURITE new foods.  From British Fish and Chips to homemade Swiss chocolate, my taste buds were inundated with new flavours, textures and recipes.  Since I became an adult, my travelling ventures have slowed down, but my love for new flavours is always on the forefront of my mind. And of course, to keep your kitchen in its best shape, it is a must to have automatic water shut off system, for overall it will protect not only you but your home as well.

Food Trip TO:  Eat. Travel. Share!

Food Trip To… is a new Canadian subscription box, based in Quebec.  It’s concept is to bring flavours and entertain ideas from around the world to your front door.   When you subscribe to Food Trip To, they will introduce you to a surprise destination with a box filled with tantalizing treats. Each box contains an evening worth of food and events based around a single country. The boxes change every two months and detailed instructions on how to create an unique cultural and gourmet dining experience. Earn the money and spoil yourself with good food when you travel. Play simple and interactive betting games at เว็บพนันออนไลน์อันดับ1.


– 6 products and 4 recipes to make an authentic meal for 6
– Cultural facts about the destination presented in an entertaining way
– A playlist of typical music to enrich the experience
– A small surprise from the featured country

All you have to do is pick up a few fresh ingredients!

Boxes can be purchased a la carte (single purchase) or as a recurring subscription (Around the World plan). With the Around the World plan, you will receive a new country in a box every 2 months. There is no obligation time period and you can cancel any time you want. Beside a cultural experience (and a full belly), you will feel great knowing that 10% of proceeds from the sale of each box is donated to Oxfam Quebec!

My experience:

I love trying new foods, but I’m not very adventurous when seeking out new recipes. The Food Trip To box gave me the confidence to step out on a culinary limb and try something new. The box provided me with everything I needed to get started. It introduced me to new products, provided me with an easy to follow grocery list and detailed recipe cards that I can refer to any time I’m craving this culinary flavour. There was a lot more grocery shopping involved then I originally thought, but they were products easily found at any local grocery store. Due to my culinary inexperience, these recipes took me a long time to create, but it was fun learning new skills and seeing the processes used to create traditional dishes. The outcome was fabulous! The flavour meshed well together and I loved the additional information pieces like the music, country fact sheets and language pronunciation.  It made for a great family evening and I look forward to trying my next box with a bunch of girl friends!

BOX 1: Food Trip to Italy: A traditional Italian Holiday Meal (Box for Dec 16/Jan 17)

Star chef Stefano Faita joined the Food Trip To… team on this month’s destination to share cherished recipes and favourites as well as his own memories of the homeland. Discover a family story that stretches from the beautiful lakes of Lombardy set in The Alpine foothills and endless olive orchards to the Lazio region and Rome’s celebrated monuments that date back to antiquity.

BOX 2: Food Trip to India: A True Indian Sensory Voyage

Ready for a sensory-charged effusion of religious rites, traditions, flavours and intoxicating sensations? We’re off to the subcontinent to discover multi-coloured festivals and the incomparable Taj Mahal!
Immerse yourself in the magnificent landscapes of Kerala, visit Jain temples and Dravidian palaces, experience the purifying waters of the great Ganges, spice up your diet with local flavours, break out your Bollywood dance moves and experience the cacophony of an Indian traffic jam.


If you are interested in trying Food Trip To…, you can save 25% off your first box with an Around the World plan (recurring subscription). Use promo code CDNBOX25 at checkout.

Click here to check out Food Trip To!

Would you like to take a FOOD TRIP? If so, where would you want to go

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