The Power of Play (without Electronics) #Mega bloks


Mega Bloks Guest post today is written by Aunty Kay (with the help of Mr. Grey)!

Entertaining a toddler can be a difficult task, finding something that will hold their attention and bring them joy, all while teaching them new skills.  An easy solution in this day and age is allowing screen time. Many parents can fall into the trap of allowing young children to watch TV or computers in exchange for some quiet time.  However it is important children learn to use their imagination and what better way to do that then to be presented with a floor full of blocks. And to keep yourself entertained and to possibly make some extra cash, you might wanna try playing some 온라인 카지노. However, you need to play responsibly. 

Learning How to Play with Mega Blocs

We were given the chance to test out two products from the new line of construction toys created by MEGA BLOKS, The Friendly Farm and the ABC Spell School bus.

My 12 month old could hardly wait for me to open the boxes.  We dumped all the pieces out and together began to build. The pieces were all bright colours that grabbed his attention and he began gathering MEGA BLOKS to build. As with anything these days, they went straight in his mouth, the MEGA BLOKS were large enough that I didn’t have worry about any choking hazards and the plastic was strong enough to endure his new teeth.  I loved that it was a toy that I as a parent could be excited about, I felt like a kid again building with my son. I was impressed how easily he was able to stack the MEGA BLOKS on top of one another and remove them, all on his own.  We had hours of fun, building what was shown on the box and building our own creations. The possibilities were endless.

The Friendly Farm came with cute animals that you could stack on the MEGA BLOKS and a tractor, which my car-loving son loved! There were windows and door you could open and close and the possibilities to create were endless.

The ABC spell School bus came with letter stickers that we got to decorate the MEGA BLOKS. It will be a great and fun tool for teaching letters and spelling, as he grows older. My son spent hours building and rebuilding the school bus in his own style and driving it all around. I could really see his imagination at work and it made me proud.

 5 Tips for Parents to Maximize Playtime

Parenting expert, Alyson Schafer, teamed up with MEGA BLOKS to create these helpful hints and tips for parents to keep playtime fun and engaging for their toddlers.

  1. Children Thrive On Routine And Predictability: Practice patience with your child by creating a set playtime and sticking with it.
  2. Create Independent Playtime Too: Help them come up with a few ideas of what they’d like to play with, and help get them set up, in order to balance “parental playtime” and “independent playtime.”
  3. Round Out Your Activities: Come up with fun ideas for activities, in a range of developmental areas!
  4. Make Good Organized Play Space: Kids need a place to play and it should be equipped with basic items, and without parental worry of noise, spills and property damage.
  • Bonus Tip: If you have more toys out and active than your child can clean up in five minutes, you have too much going on in your playroom.
  1. Let the Child Lead: When you join your child in play, let them lead the play – this is their time to explore and learn through mistakes.

Explore the magic of Play with your child today! MEGA BLOKS are sold at all major Canadian retailers including: Toys R Us, Walmart, Sears, Real Canadian Super Stores and

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