Celebrating Your Birthday Worldwide: The Origin


A birthday is technically the celebration of an establishment’s anniversary, or literally of an individual’s birth date. Human births are usually celebrated with a party, gift or rite of passage. The West celebrated their birthday traditions in a variety of ways. Children were often taken to their relatives’ homes in many parts of Europe on this day. Children were taken on a trip with their friends or relatives to visit someone who was celebrating their birthday. There is one major difference between visiting someone who is celebrating a special birthday with friends and celebrating a regular birthday with your family.

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In many cultures, children were invited by their parents to attend the manger on the anniversary of their father’s birth. They would then give presents to the child who was most likely to be born on the correct date. The gifts included brooches and bracelets as well as glass ornaments. Multi-colored gifts were common on this day to represent the bright colors in the rainbow. Boys were also invited to wear red hats, and girls wore white hats. This tradition dates back to ancient Egypt’s Pharaohs.

According to the Indian Hindu calendar, the twelveth of February is considered the end of all evil. This would allow for the beginning of the cycle of life-and-death. Celebrating a birthday on this day was once viewed as a celebration of the beginning of a new relationship between a husband and wife. For the Hindu, this birthday party was known as ‘Dahi Handi,’ (Birthday and Wedding). Hindus don’t consider Diwali’s first celebration to be a party, but a gathering with family, friends and relatives to pray for the happy new year and to pay their last respects.

Currently, birthdays are celebrated around a cake and Birthday Party Supplies with family or friends. Children’s birthdays are often made with games, sweets, and entertainment.

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