Meeting Allergy Season Head On With @PascoeCanada #ad

Disclosure: I am not a medical professional. This is just my thoughts and experiences. Before adding new medication into your daily routine, please consult a medical professional!

For the past month, the world has started to come back to life. The flowers are blooming, the trees are producing new buds and the birds have returned from their sunny vacation down South. For allergy suffers, this natural phenomena causes stuffy noses, runny eyes and endless sneezing fits. The symptoms that allergies produce are no fun at all. They disrupt your sleep, affect your performance at work/school, and can cause you to feel exhausted and miserable.

Allergy reactions are due to an immune system’s over reaction to foreign substance. Your body is smart and it remembers the foreign substance by creating an antibody so your body’s immune system knows how to attack this problem.  One of the most common solutions is the body’s creation of histamines. The results can be seen in cascade of reactions that manifest themselves as runny noses, sneezes and irritation.

Trying to decided what is the right method of treatment to deal with your bodies defense mechanism can be difficult. There are many different options on the market from needles to nasal sprays to drops and pills. Some treat the symptoms, some block the affects of the histamine (anti-histamine) and others can reduces the body’s sensitivity to allergens.

I have tried the first two options, unsuccessfully, for most of my life. Each spring, I spend hours upon hours administering medication that don’t quite cut it. As mentioned at the beginning of the month, my son and I began to try to fight our allergies with PASCALLERG®.  PASCALLERG® is a homeopathic medicines can be extremely effective for treating allergies. Studies have shown that PASCALLERG® can completely eliminate allergy symptoms even in those who have been suffering for years.

My son and I have been religiously taking our PASCALLERG® day and night for almost a month now. We began our treatment prior to allergy season, with hopes we could prepare our immune system for the upcoming attack.  The results are encouraging!


My allergies normally present themselves in the way of sinus symptoms. Pain, runny nose and sneezing are high on my allergy reaction list. This spring, I have had very minimal episodes. I can breath through my nose, I haven’t had any sneezing attacks and my nose is only occasionally runny.  What I love about the PASCALLERG® is the way I feel when taking the medication. It is easy to take, I love knowing that I can take more if a flare up occurs and it doesn’t make me feel tired, spaced out or loopy.  Although, at this point, all my symptoms have not disappeared, I am encouraged with the progress I have seen.

My Son:

My son has had severe allergies since he was born. He has always had congestion in nasal and sinus passages and its not uncommon for him to have either a stuffy or runny nose.  During allergy season, his eyes normally swell up (think of a person who has cried for many hours) and he had a constant runny nose. He has been taking PASCALLERG®for the same amount of time time as me and although I am seeing improvement, his results are not as great as mine. His sneezing has decreased and the severity of his symptoms are less, but at this point he is still suffering from a runny nose and the occasional itchy, puffy eye.

We are encouraged by our response and will continue to take PASCALLERG® for the remainder of allergy season! Stay tuned as we check in at the end of the month with our final evaluation of PASCALLERG® homeopathic product!

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