Mott’s Fruisations + Veggie Fruit snacks are gluten free and naturally flavoured. They contain 80 calories per pack and 100% of the daily recommended Vitamin C (perfect to ward off back to school germs!). The kids think they’re getting a treat, but I know they are really eating the vegetables!After tasting them myself, I knew that Mott’s Fruitsations + Veggie would be a huge winner. To test it out, I placed three fruit snacks in front of DS5 and asked him to choose one. He choose the Fruit loops. Then I got him to turn around and shuffled the snacks. He tasted one gummy from each snack, rated it (i.e. one was better then two), and told me why. He liked Mott’s Fruitsations + veggie (#3) the best because it was juicy and contained a lot of flavour. When I told him which one he choose he was skeptical. We repeated the test and again he choose Mott’s.
Motts Collage